ISE – Identity Services Engine

Cisco ISE, the next-generation secure network access platform simplifies the delivery of consistent, highly secure access control across wired and wireless multi-vendor networks and remote VPN connections. It delivers superb visibility into who and what are accessing resources, can share vital contextual data with technology partner integrations. By using a Cisco TrusSec policy ISE can provide software-defined segmentation. Some of the gained benefits when implementing ISE:
– centralize and unify highly secure access control based on business roles
– gain greater visibility and more accurate device identification
– simplify guest experiences for easier on-boarding and administration
– accelerate BYOD and enterprise mobility
– automatically contain threats through integration with Cisco FirePOWER Management Center.

For more info, please visit Cisco’ ISE web site.

On this topic i will be covering some ISE related configuration steps and tips.
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